Thursday, July 30, 2009

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Marwan In Sahra Khassa
31 July
Morocco - City of Agadir

Layali Samar videos
added by Omar Habib

News & Pictures
from Nour Nouh

Nawal Zoughbi & Marwan Khoury
by NIBALL Ayadi

message from Marwan & Claude
More coming soon

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vote for Marwan Khoury
Murex D'or
Nominations List

post by Nour Nouh

Photos & Video

of Marwan's appearance on
"Charraftouni "
by Nour Nouh

Latest Songs Released

written and/or composed by Marwan Khoury
for Other Singers

Ma Ra7 Ibki
Majida El Roumi

Al Oyoun Al Asaliya
Cerine Abdel Nour

Kol Chi Tghayar

Magazines & Articles
Al Khaleej from Ismail
Zahrat Al Khaleej from Nour Nouh
AL Chabaka ( MKFC Administrators )

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Videos by Omar Habib are placed below

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Recent Videos
Rotana News
by Omar Habib

Marwan & Majida Al Roumi
Ma Ra7 Ibki
reported by
Nour Nouh

You can listen to the Audio sent by
Taghrid (Byba)

Al Bint Al Tunisiya
recorded by Medo & Reem Ammar

Rotana Magazine by Amal

Monday, July 7, 2008

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Homs - Syria
4 July
17 July

18 July
Interview on Tunisia Mosaique FM
from Nibal Ayadi

Listen to Marwan's interview on Mosaique FM
on July 2-3
by Nibal Ayadi

19 July
Carthage from Nour Nouh

Amman - Jordan
Jabal Al Qal3a
26 July 2008
Nour Nouh
Writer: Ghazi Bani Nasr

ART Interview Report
written by Yasmina
thanks also to Marie

New Pictures from Al Madina FM
from Yasmina & Wissam Yasin

Murex D'Or Photos & Videos
Nour Nouh

Madina FM Interview ( thanks Soulaf Habib )

Interview with Marwan on Madina FM
Written by Soulaf Habib

Madina FM Interview
Recorded Audio by Reem Ammar

Marwan's Summer Schedule
by Elham

Madina Photos by Reem Khallouf & Yasmine Mo'men

Zahrat Al Khaleej Magazine by
Nour Nouh

Karim El Sha'er Video Clip * Men El Youm W Rayeh *
from Ismail Chafki

*Kooni Mara* Video Clip
from Nour Nouh & Ismail Chafki

Maya Nasri's Video Clip
*Jayi El Wa'et * Video Clip
from Taghrid Maya & Ramo ( Omar )

& more inside the Fan Club

Download Marwan's Radio Interview
on Tunisia Mosaique FM
by Omar Habib ( thanks Nibal Ayadi)

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Marwan Khoury News

Al Mar'a Al Yaum Magazine
المرأة اليوم
Marwan Fan

Al Chabaka Magazine
from Taghrid

Tunisia Mosaique FM Interview
reported by Nibal Ayadi
Recorded by
Omar Habib
Mohamed Al Khateeb
Reem Ammar

Haya Magazine
from Athary

Prayer with Kol Al Asayed
from Athary

Al Jarass Magazine
from Lolita

Ahlan Magazine

Special Photos
from Yasmine Mo'men, Omar Habib,
Nour Nouh, Taghrid,
Marwan Fan

will be added soon

Latifa's Watani Ohebbok

Music by Marwan Khoury
from Nour Nouh Photos
Miriam Faress & Marwan Khoury
from Yasmine Mo'men,
Nayef Al Adssi, Nour Nouh

اغنية شاهيناز الجديدة
Star Academy Contestant
كلمات والحان مروان خوري
News & Lyrics
brought by
Nour Nouh

Miriam Faress

Lyrics & Music by
Marwan Khoury

Arranged by
Hadi Charara

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